Soul encounters and reunions

by Nino Michielse

Awakening to a certain degree, after having done at least some work on emotional release or having freed yourself from the strongest adversity winds of life, you are looking at the world with new eyes. When this awakening continues, meaningful encounters with other people keep happening as if a doorway has been unlocked. The wheel of cleansing and purging of old programming is set in motion.

The following categories are arbitrary, meant for the purpose of identification and to describe the characteristics in how they typically run their course. After that, we will dive into the strategies provoked by engagement and the hidden urges and desires to control we often fail to see until much later. What is seen at the surface is quite different from what lies beneath.


Soulgroup and soulmate encounters

Where have we met before

once we were in that forgotten place and time

leaving an in-between of our hearts, palpitating a lost rhythm

suddenly a spark has found a bridge

from my heart to yours, words muted from my mouth to yours

meaning left unspoken, we built a bridge over a gap between two mountains


uncertain of the senses, stories passing before our eyes

to feel what had ended once, inverted this daunting scene

the real became a painting of perception, in this cosmic rendezvous

from the pillars of time a gift is passed on, while my hands
tremble in the face of ancient memory, where my eyes
weep the tears of joy and sorrow for a stranger

I once knew


There is an instant recognition on the level of soul. The amount of love at a first glance into each others eyes can be overwhelming or at least very strong. When we meet each other again in this lifetime, old imprints from the past life relationship may still be there. These residues can still be felt. When this is just a memory on the emotional body and serves no other purpose than to find and recognize each other, this will fade quite quickly. Important for such encounters, especially when it is the case of past lovers meeting again, is that both of them make space for the release of these old imprints. Acting to quickly on the strong feelings holds a risk of falling into old patterns and projections that have no longer any meaning or purpose in this life. Souls may have meant not to be lovers in this lifetime, but instead find other ways to enrich the emotional spectrum and to learn from each other through, for instance, the friendship perspective. The purpose of the encounter and intended relationship is not always easy to unravel. It is also not always meant to be known from the start, as to let things develop in a natural way. Sometimes the reason only becomes apparent after both have gone their separate ways. Lessons are always to be learned. The attraction to certain traits of the other person often reveals something about why this happens and why it happens now. When there are sentiments, attractions and infatuations that are related to your current phase in life, this indicates there is a time-related theme aspect to your connection. Expect that your dynamic may take off swiftly and be accompanied by a strong emotional stir-up. Without becoming too dark, some painful things may emerge together with some pleasant ones as well. This type of connection has the potential of quite a roller-coaster journey.

Another sign and key element is the degree of having a non-self state of being. Non-self is what I call the slipping into patterns of thinking, feeling and living that you don’t normally recognize as your own. A non-self experience serves one of two purposes. Either it teaches you to stay more close to your own values and self-worth, or a playful challenge is being called upon to stretch your sense of self. It may be necessary for your development to explore other ways of being you, but with a twist so to speak. Which of the two is at play will soon become clear. The tone, color and shade of your overall mood in the non-self mode, is what gives it away. When you start to become more or less unhappy in the connection, feeling uneasy and pushed into the unself condition, with the belief that being non-self is better than being self, issues of self-worth and self-esteem are being hailed upon. It’s important to reflect back inwardly what’s going on before acting outwardly. In the case of self-esteem there’s a risk of victimizing yourself towards the other or developing an overly defensive attitude. When you find out through the connection what it is that makes you please the other, the tide will turn and move from the non-self back towards the self condition. From that position, the other one may start reacting offended as you reclaim your space. It’s a natural reaction as the other now thinks you are not yourself, where nothing could be farther from the truth. Depending on the quality of the soul bond, these issues are partly or completely resolved in the end, leaving behind a new vibe for both members of the group. Sometimes other members temporarily join in the dynamic to help resolve and clarify. Seldom will these dynamics escalate, no matter how intense they might get. Soul always finds pathways to support the process. As you learn to trust in that, great distances can be crossed with the promise of steady and meaningful growth for yourself and your beloved soul group companions.

Mirror soul encounters and reunions

Mirror soul” is a rather unconventional term. Considering what is mainstream terminology, twinflame and soulmate are most commonly used. From the perspective of the dynamics and the spectrum of emotions invoked, a soulmate encounter is really not that different from a soul family member. Soulmate is a word emphasizing the closeness of the relationship. The most important difference with a mirror soul is, that you will perceive him or her to be an (almost) exact mirror image of you. Not always physically (although possible), yet mainly on the way this person navigates through life, the spiritual maturity, the way of understanding things and the level of emotional resilience. You could both have lead a very similar type of life or under quite different circumstances. Yet the way you handle situations and adversity is almost identical, albeit from a different angle. It is very likely that a mirror soul has traveled with you throughout most or perhaps even all of your incarnations. Also very likely is that you counterbalance each other in the inner masculine and feminine energy. In other words, if you are a man with quite a strong female side, your mirror may possess that in the opposite way. Also, your mirror doesn’t have to be of the other gender as the connection is deeply rooted on the spiritual. Because you have the same level of understanding, the sum of experiences of all lives are synergized into one knowledge base you both tap into and learn from. Again, this goes for soul family as well, but different in degree.

Now, this is all theory. The practical side of mirror soul encounters is interesting, as well as the dynamics in relation to the mutual mirroring quality of the connection. The possibilities for growth are infinite. The symbiosis is amazing. Meeting a mirror soul, apart from instant recognition, deep soul love and a feeling of home, immediately gives you a feeling of trust and a deep appreciation for the other person. Strangely, the euphoria that often accompanies the soulmate and supposed twinflame reunion is not that strong when mirror souls meet. The lack of euphoria is compensated by a deep sense that this person will never part you, has found you now and the work together may continue. This is contrary to the stories about twinflames and soulmates about the runner and chaser push and pull drama. First steadily, growing exponentially as mirror souls are the embodiment of teamwork. There hardly are any misunderstandings or disagreements. Add to this recipe a high tolerance for differences in opinion and individual personality, their hearts will be rich on mutual acceptance and healing influence. They point out to each other what can be worked on, with great patience and reverence towards the path they walk together. What kind of relationship evolves from the reunion is not set. Since the nature of their connection is deeply seated in the spiritual layer, the bond is based mainly on resonance and not as much on magnetism. Since most love relationships have a need for mutual attraction (magnetism, opposites), I do not considered it to be common for mirror souls to be lovers. However, attraction stems from emotional and physical alchemy, being properties of the personality and physiology. Therefore, when mirror souls decide in the pre-birth phase to implement the element of attraction, they may become life companions. When they both have a passionate nature, physical and emotional attraction may be a part of the dynamic. The longevity of such an attraction may however be shortened due to the way they each transform their own personality by doing the inner work and healing, shadow work and releasing fears and programming. The result is, as always, changes within the personality construct. This might alter desires and emotional attachments along the way, which would also change their dynamic in the relationship. Then there is a possibility that the attraction slowly begins to fade. The longevity of the spiritual resonance extends far beyond that, making it likely they will then choose to remain companions but no longer lovers, or feeling it would be better to not take that road at all. One thing is certain, they will maintain some form of companionship, working together as the bond is never broken. Spiritual growth is always at the top of the agenda, next to being of service to others.

Mirror souls can be together in silence for hours, doing their own thing, enjoying being present just as is. They do not seek to entertain each other, there simply is no need to. This type of connection is more often a valuable one when souls have matured spiritually to a certain level. In todays society, a bond that has such a humble degree of simplicity and natural flow is often overlooked, as most people are looking for a partner and friendships meeting certain criteria to fit into their lives and social profile. In the frantic busy life of the modern human it’s quite unusual that someone understands you without words, knows what you feel and why and accepts you for who you are. If someone is just waking up to a vague knowing there might be more between heaven and earth, while still deeply embedded in the modern day way of life, the mirror soul will still be there but the value of that connection will not get a higher merit than “best friends” or being the brother or sister they never had. Ergo, the mirror soul bond is less evident in a lower stage of spiritual development, but present nevertheless. Also, its value and leverage increases when the souls evolve, as most of the work and synergy takes place on the spiritual layer.

How many mirror souls you can encounter is something I rather leave up to you, in that respect taking some distance towards the theories and beliefs around the twinflame story, which often states that you are a half of a whole, or there can be only one twinflame, or only one mirror soul respectively. Those theories are hard to verify or gather evidence for. The kind of evidence that is useful for you takes the form of recognition, finding out for yourself what is happening when you meet someone, learning to identify the dynamics and finally an acknowledgement of your intuitions. This is helpful in regards to using what life presents you with to learn to master new feelings, dealing with what the reunions stir up in you. Covering the theoretical side of the origins of soul families and possible twinflames would be a deviation from the purpose of this work. Furthermore, this is the kind of metaphysical approach tends to be less personal, being strongly based on certain beliefs that you either want to adopt or discard. It moves you further away from individual practice, which aims at strengthening your intuition.


Excerpt from “Seekers Cathedral” (working title)

Nino ❤